Xavier Lust

Xavier Lust is born August 27,1969 in Bruges (Belgium). He studied interior design at Saint-Luc before opening his own Studio in Brussels. Xavier Lust creations inspire harmony, elegance and strength to their surroundings. Throughout his career the Belgian designer has created a unique poetic language inspired by nature and materiality itself. Owing-his outstanding understanding materials, Xavier has devised an innovative process of curving metal allowing his design to be inhabited by a unique energy. Each piece is a rare gem exhibiting the radical vision of the designer assisted by the expertise of the best manufacturers. Xavier Lust started his design career working for leading Italian brands before expanding his practice to limited edition Art design piece. In 2000 Lust started to design for MDF Italia, an ongoing relationship which was the start of his collaboration with leading international producers such as Driade, De Padova, Fiam, Baleri Italia and Extremis. His on-going work on unique or limited editions represented by the high end galleries in the sector: Carpenters Workshop Gallery in 2007, Galerie du Passage (Paris), Nilufar (Milan), Ralph Pucci (USA). Today, Xavier is a regularly invited guest lecturer at leading art and design institutions around the world. His recognizable and awarded works are included in the permanent collections of many prestigious institutions such as the Centre Pompidou in Paris.