Lina Bo Bardi, Giancarlo Palanti: Studio d'Arte Palma

Lina Bo Bardi (Roma, 1914 –San Paolo, 1992), Giancarlo Palanti (Milano, 1906 – San Paolo, 1977), Studio d'Arte Palma (San Paolo, 1948 – 1951)

“Architecture can be suffocated by forms, by compositions, by the aura of monumental squares. Architects must prioritize not their formal individualism but their awareness of being useful to people through their art and experience.” (LBB)

Achillina Bo, an Italian, naturalized Brazilian architect, curator and journalist, trained in Rome and Milan. Here, she worked with Gio Ponti and a number of celebrated actors of the Italian rationalist panorama. In 1946, with her husband Pietro Maria Bardi, she moved to Brazil, where she came into contact with a progressive cultural elite, including architect Giancarlo Palanti with whom she founded the Studio d'Arte e Architettura Palma. The duo became a forerunner in the design of modern furniture which strictly integrated local cultural and material aspects of Brazil.

Nina Yashar is one of the main collectors of Lina Bo Bardi's artworks. Nilufar Gallery's research on Lina Bo Bardi and Giancarlo Palanti pieces, as been supported by the Institute Bo Bardi Casa Vidro, in fact, In 2018, Nilufar Gallery exhibited a duo show about Lina Bo Bardi and Giancarlo Palanti at our Depot. It was the first exhibition ever including such an important number of pieces, all designed between 1948 and 1951 by Studio d 'Arte Palma, founded by the two of architects.
In order to obtain the traceability of the pieces, the gallery had the honor to have the authenticity of each work validated by the Bardi Institute of San Paolo, who came to Milan to examine each item.

In 2019, our pieces have been displayed at the Ghent museum, you can find more information by clicking on the following link:

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