Osvaldo Borsani

(Varedo, 1911 – Milano, 1985)

“Design was a word used only by us, the insiders. (…) Today we no longer use this word, it has been so vulgarized, so purposefully and inappropriately used. "

Osvaldo Borsani always preferred to call himself a draftsman rather than a designer. A passionate and curious man, since the beginning at his family business (ABV – Arredamenti Borsani di Varedo), he showed an irrepressible vocation towards everything that was avant-garde, technology and innovation. He subsequently became the best interpreter of the Milanese bourgeoisie, launching himself towards industrial production with the founding of Tecno in 1953. A company, as the name suggests, dedicated to the Greek “téchne”, i.e. or the science of the “know-how”.