BLUE BOXES - Nilufar Colors

Curated by Nina Yashar, the series Nilufar Colors starts from the color that almost did not exist. Despite being so present in nature, blue was completely absent in the Ancient World and had been the least popular shade for centuries, deemed as immoraland seen as too difficult to be mastered and reproduced. Everything changed in 1709, when J.J. Diesbach and J.C. Dippel synthesized, almost by chance, the pigment we all know as Prussian blue.

In this first chapter, Nilufar Colorsexplores blue through a curated mix of vintage and contemporary furniture, able to exalt the intensity of all its shades and its natural instinct to converse with any given space. An antique carpet from Tibet, Audrey Large’s 3D printed in PLA experiments and B.B.P.R.’s timeless sofa all become the protagonists of this modern and unconventional story.