Carlo Zauli

Nilufar is proud to present “Carlo Zauli”, the first-ever exhibition by a prominent gallery to dedicate space for an in-depth reflection of one of the greatest innovators of ceramic art in the 20th century, curated by Nina Yashar in collaboration with the Carlo Zauli Museum.

The exhibition is hosted in the central space at Nilufar Depot in Viale Lancetti 34 and will be on view from 6PM tonight until February 25th. The selection traces the most representative sculptural periods of Zauli's career from 1950s to 1980s, including particularly rare pieces from his private collection. This event highlights the fundamental role Nilufar plays as a cultural promoter of monothematic exhibitions that trace the careers of respected artists from the fields of art and design.

“In front of Zauli's sculptures we find ourselves suspended in a continuous contamination between color and form, in a game of mutual exaltation. Each curve is accentuated by the changing whiteness of the material and vice versa. The loss of control invoked by the artist envelops us and we are forced to abandon ourselves to the strength of the earth.” (Irene Biolchini)

Viale Lancetti 34, 20158, Milano
On view until March 5th, 10AM - 7PM