Khaled El Mays

Nature-Inspired Creations

Lebanese designer Khaled El Mays elevates craftsmanship to an art form. Nilufar has long admired his creative vision emphasizing designs made with natural materials and organic shapes realized by craftspeople in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley.

“I focus on crafts and finding a way to keep the human hand the master element in creating my pieces,” explains El Mays. This approach has allowed El Mays and Nilufar to collaborate on a series of projects, including his modular Flora seating for Open Edition referencing nature.

His Beirut-based atelier has participated at the Nilufar exhibit “The Ever-Present Future of Design” at Venice’s Giovanni Nicelli Private Airport. For Milan Design Week 2023 he presented at Nilufar Depot The Lotus Series, where he reimagined the flower in new inventive forms for furniture.