Lotus by Khaled El Mays

KHALED EL MAYS - The Lotus Series Khaled El Mays presents The Lotus Series.

The idea for the series started approximately five years ago, when El Mays’ began carving wood and marble to return to the classical architectural orders and visuals. The aim was to investigate how one can create works influenced by those original shapes while remaining grounded in the present and projected into the future, instead of being a mere exercise of nostalgia.

The studio thus started testing many ideas, until El Mays’ attention was directed to the lotus flower and its precedence and abstraction in ancient Egypt’s architectural orders and murals. From then on, the project found a neater focus directed at reformulating the lotus in a way that deforms its shapes into what appears to be wings. The typologies that surfaced from the many studies on the matter featured a subtle mix between what is obvious in classical orders and what is slightly twisted to give a new life to the forms.

The Lotus Series presented in Miami showcases an array of several colourful marbles from around the world, featuring interesting textures reminiscent of a period in design where visuals were richer and more elaborate.