Metamorphosis-Allegra Hicks

Allegra Hicks unveils ‘Metamorphosis’, an expansive and meticulously crafted collection showcased at Nilufar Depot in Viale Lancetti during Milan Design Week 2024. Serving as a profound exploration into the transformative capacities of materials, it forges a connection between traditional women’s crafts and a contemporary narrative to challenge established norms. Hicks envisions an interior setting where each piece engages in a seamless dialogue, fostering an interconnected flow. This exercise in creation explores the delicate equilibrium between seemingly opposing dimensions – art and design; softness and hardness – and allows for an interplay of shaping and molding within each piece.

The act of crafting a piece involves a deep immersion in the material via experimentation, resolving issues and repetition. Instead of relying on pre-existing structures, Hicks constructs a vocabulary, a new language, building from the craft and the essence of the materials themselves. The genesis of ‘Metamorphosis’ stems from Hicks’ dual fascination: the first, a curiosity about the life inherent in materials; and second, a genuine interest in their transformative process, a common thread among the pieces with their ever-changing nature serving as a wellspring of inspiration.