Pentimenti Collection by Analogia Project

Andrea Mancuso, creative director of Analogia Project, presents a thoughtful investigation of process and form by experimenting with mark making on marble in a dynamic exploration of technique and material. Hosted by Nilufar, the solo exhibition of limited-edition furniture occupies 200m2 on the second floor of Nilufar’s Viale Lancetti venue in its Palcoscenico space. The Italian designer’s attention to marble is inspired by the concept of pentimenti, which refers to the changes artists make while painting or drawing an original work. These pieces evoke the exploration and experimentation at the heart of the artistic process. Pentimenti spotlights hidden aspects of the design process, featuring doodles and abstract lines that gradually take shape in the real world. 

Collaborative Partners:

Del Savio 1910 
Del Savio 1910, originally specializing in terrazzo and Palladian flooring, has expanded its production to include marble for furnishings, coverings, and construction. The company has modernized its traditional techniques, incorporating creative processes to blend marble with other materials. This evolution reflects its commitment to innovation and working on the cutting edge, as seen in its partnership with Analogia Project for the Pentimenti collection.

Fischbacher 1819
Fischbacher 1819, based in St. Gallen, Switzerland, provides technical textiles for staging the Pentimenti collection. With over two centuries of history, the family-owned company blends functionality with unique design expertise in the textile industry. Known for their attention to detail and commitment to quality, Fischbacher continues to innovate creatively. Their ANDERMATT curtain fabric, made from finely spun Trevira CS yarn and weighing only 40 g/m2, is notably delicate and transparent.