Tinted Hues- Draga and Aurel

For Milan Design Week, Draga & Aurel present a new exclusive project for Nilufar. Witty, hypnotic, and reflective, ‘Tinted Hues’ explores the potential of materials – epoxy resin and Lucite, first and foremost – and their ability to respond to light and color. In a sophisticated atmosphere, almost frozen in time and marked by a playful, light-hearted mood, you’ll encounter handmade collectors’ items featuring smooth forms and subtle hues. Combinations of pastel colors and opal inserts come together in evocative, almost spellbinding nuances. “In this new project for Nilufar, we had fun experimenting with materials and allowed ourselves to be swept away by the beauty of colors and their ability to convey serenity.” comment Draga & Aurel. New 2024 products made exclusively for Nilufar – the Glaze table, Dewdrops coffee table, and Puffed pouf – are being presented together with a selection of art design objects as part of the Candy Box and Space Couture collections, proposed in new colors.