Via della Spiga

To mark Milan Design Week 2024, Nilufar presents ‘Time Traveler’, a wide-ranging exhibition curated by Nilufar founder Nina Yashar aimed at exploring the complex story of design and its evolution over the years. Hosted in Viale Lancetti and Via Spiga, the ‘Time Traveler’ exhibit allows visitors to embark on a journey where each exhibited work acts as a portal to transport viewers from past inspirations to the bold visions of today. The keen, curatorial eye of Nina Yashar, known for her gift of intermixing vintage design treasures and contemporary masterpieces, is forever present in the selection set forth by Nilufar. The exhibition stands as a testament to this legacy and offers us the opportunity to rediscover the intrinsic connections that unite humanity across continents, cultures and creative expressions. As we contemplate these works we are reminded of the enduring power of design to encapsulate the essence of society, customs and the human spirit. Nilufar invites us to ponder the passage of time where the echoes of yesterday harmonize with the promise of tomorrow, unveiling the infinite possibilities inherent in design.