Arcoiris by Analogia Project

ARCOIRIS, the new project by Analogia Project for Nilufar, is a physical experiment, a fascinating interplay of light and stone, composed of a series of artfully made designs.

The collection features floor and table lamps, pendant and wall lights, and a large coffee table, all entirely made from marble beams of different forms, curvatures and types (White Carrara, Verde Alpi, Giallo Reale and Rosso Alicante marble).
Each and every element of this lighting piece was designed to conceal the light source, so as to create an ethereal effect of bright colors that are lit from the inside.

“The name ARCOIRIS comes from the Spanish term for “rainbow”; I chose it because of its many mystic and symbolic meanings. When I designed this collection, I wanted to capture some natural phenomena in stone. I see this project as a transformation, where solid marble is worked until it embodies the evanescent nature of light”, said Andrea Mancuso.