A project by the KINGS duo: Daniele Innamorato and Federica Perazzoli

Nilufar Depot
Milan 03.12.21—27.02.22

The KINGS duo (Federica Perazzoli and Daniele Innamorato) has imagined an immersive installation inspired by the architecture of a warehouse, comprising large shelves exclusively made by Situèr brand from Milan and hosting a broad collection of books and magazines by historical independent publishers. A hybrid project poised between an art installation and a concept store that wishes to promote culture in all its forms and where customers can purchase a variety of publications.
Two luminous installations created thanks to the support from
Viasaterna gallery enrich the space.

"Over the past years, we have been engulfed in books, it was a compulsion, an obsession”. Federica Perazzoli and Daniele Innamorato express a tangible view that focuses on the book as an object, in terms of its shape and creation, while at the same time highlighting the importance of reading and sharing ideas.

The concept of introducing books into Nilufar Depot speaks of a desire to include the literary world, also physically, in the space itself, in order to assist, support and help visitors understand the meticulous selection of artwork that Nina Yashar, the founder and owner of the gallery, has collected over the past several years.
I see Depot as an ever-changing space, I believe ‘cross-contamination’ between different worlds is key to fostering creative dialogue in the industry. Over the past years, the hall has hosted dinner parties, concerts, DJ sets, amazing artists, performances and a lot more. Together with Kings, we imagined a truly unique cultural space that offers visitors the opportunity to connect with the place itself and the culture contained in it, an inspirational collection of publications and rare books" - said Nina Yashar.