Constructed Realities: Life Beyond Borders by Sin Ying Cassandra Ho

Spazio Esso - Giovanni Nicelli Airport
Venice (IT)

Constructed Realities: Life Beyond Borders, Sin Ying Cassandra Ho's first solo exhibition in Europe, co-curated by Nina Yashar and Davide Quadrio/ArtHub and staged at “Spazio Esso”, the Nicelli airport's former fuel’s distributor.

Her multicultural background accompanied by a strong sense of Chinese heritage and identity have guided her artistic practice towards expressions of ceramics that could merge the various influences into a cohesive and balanced narrative. Ho’s work uses the tensions and juxtaposition of life experiences and cultural observations, selecting European and Chinese elements, iconic decorative motifs and images from both historic and contemporary perspectives, building symbols of cross-cultural narratives.

Inspired by the theoretical definitions of the vase’s elements, referred to as the lip, neck, shoulder, belly, and foot, Ho chooses her works’ shapes according to how they relate to the human body. Her cut-and-paste technique creates recognizable and simultaneously unfamiliar silhouettes, with symbols from both East and West that are hand painted, digitally designed and then transferred onto the glazed surface. This mixture of digital and analogic, together with the fragmentation of her work, creates a visual distortion creating a shifting dimensionality that evokes cubism. These multiple forms joined together represent  her personal journey, deconstructed and reconstructed, from East to West and West to East, as well as narratives of social and global changes provoked by globalism, technology and the digital age.

Special thanks to: Stefano Rampinelli, director of marketing and events; Laura Alfieri, head of cultural and artistic direction