For the second consecutive year, Draga & Aurel are presenting a special project for Nilufar Gallery: ‘Space Couture’, a bright and dazzling furniture collection with vivid colours and reflective glossiness, on display at Nilufar 25 space, no. 32 Via della Spiga. Inspiration has once again been drawn from the design and artistic experimentation of the 1970s, a period of rupture, fusion, and much creativity. Draga & Aurel have allowed themselves to be engulfed by the “optical tricks” of Opt art, Jeff Koons’ controversial play on blowup works, and inflatable objects such as the iconic Blow armchair by De Pas, D'Urbino, and Lomazzi. The result is a capsule of furniture that almost transcends time and a fun and carefree atmosphere that glorifies a playfully casual and lighthearted way of life, symbolized by the premiering Sabot armchair. Shiny and reflective, coated in laminates and glossy varnish, this piece is emblematic of a collection that extols a zest for living. “In this age of darkness, we need to be lighthearted, carefree, and ‘sparkling’. With our new project for Nilufar, we want to impart these positive, luminous vibes” state Draga Obradovic, Aurel K. Basedow.