Gaetano Pesce - Celebrating the 20th anniversary of '3 silicone carpets'

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the exhibition "3 silicone carpets" Nilufar Gallery dedicates three entire stages of the Depot to Pesces's works.

"I met Gaetano Pesce by chance, when he happened to pop in the gallery in via della Spiga, as he used to pass by. We immediately got in tune and, during one of our fish-based dinners in one of his favorite restaurants, he proposed me the first exclusive project for the gallery: a unique edition of three silicone rugs, which I presented at Nilufar in 2001.”
Nina Yashar

The technique used by Pesce consists of combining different colored silicone drops all together and, consequently, obtaining a unique result. The extraordinary nature of this aesthetic choice comes from the decision of distancing oneself from the traditional rugs: by chosing the silicon as the main protagonist, the designer revolutionize the world of materials. This episode leads to many further collaborations, including the creation in 2003 of a limited series of polyurethane resin ‘travel’ vases consisting of 200 numbered pieces exclusively for Nilufar.