Milan Design Week 2022

Nilufar Gallery returns to Milan Design Week 2022 with a major showcase of works from over twenty-five internationally renowned artists.
With various exhibitions in the locations of Via della Spiga and Nilufar Depot, Nina Yashar blends generations, styles and nationalities, creating a dialogue between established names and young avant-garde talents, thus staging an entertaining design show. The gallery has conceived a theme that could embody its belief: with the variety of the artists represented, Nilufar Gallery showcases a fusion of practices that are just as enriching as they are entertaining, all united by Nilufar Gallery’s distinctive taste.“We want to represent nowadays zeitgeist, which is hardly anymore about single choices, but rather about abundance, heterogeneity, medleys, opposites meeting, mixing and dialoguing. Contemporary taste is not defined by an exclusive type of style, but rather by the appreciation of visual culture as a whole, accepting and wanting the richness of stimuli the world provides. This year, we are presenting collectible design in an unprecedented shape: a form of entertainment” - states gallery founder Nina Yashar.

On the occasion of Nilufar’s Milan Design Week, Martino Gamper presents the installation ‘Innesto (Rubbing up the wrong tree)’, designed by Gamper and curated by Nina Yashar. The installation showcases an entire new collection of carpets and furniture.