Nilufar Gallery returns to Milan Design Week 2023 with “The Bright Side of Design”, an exhibition that unfolds in the spaces of the Nilufar Depot and in the Via della Spiga gallery. Nina Yashar, founder of Nilufar Gallery, presents her reflection and observations, shedding light on parallel and congruent paths to explore the state-of-the-art of collectible design: showcased is a seamlessly blended dialogue between a thorough research on old masters and the discovery of contemporary creators, giving the centre stage to a plethora of inanimate life companions. With its deep knowledge and impactful presence, Nilufar Gallery invites us to partake in a journey that puts the spotlight on all the great design has and continues to create.

Key highlight of the old masters’ narrative paths is a section dedicated solely to the exploration of works by Osvaldo Borsani, along with other important names in historical design.

While for the contemporary artists, the return of Michael Anastassiades, Flavie Audie, Lola Montes Schnabel and Osanna Visconti continue the strong relationship with the gallery through the showcase of new creations.

Occupying the Atrium of the Nilufar Depot is a novel project from the FAR series: the site-specific installation “Poikilos”, signed by Objects of Common Interest and co-curated by Nina Yashar and Valentina Ciuffi. This exhibition explores the concept of light and magic, blending it with materiality. Other creations part of the FAR project, curated by Studio Vedet, include a solo show by rising talent Audrey Large and additional pieces by Hsin Min Chan and Maximilian Marchesani.

Last but certainly not least, Nilufar debuts for the first time with an open edition range of furnishings from key categories, a new and unexplored venture into its own interpretation of the future of design, breaking geographical bonds and exploring new ways of expression thanks to the vision of Nina Yashar and the projects of contemporary designers.

Needless to say, as every Design Week, surprises and explorations will be endless and bright.