Design Miami/Basel - 2019

Basel, Switzerland

A space inspired by an eclectic living room sees the cohesive combination of fragmented sceneries: a prismatic interchange between different aesthetics involves pieces by great masters of design, such as Gio Ponti, Franco Albini, Joaquim Tenreiro and BBPR, whose talent is embodied in furniture of unsurpassed beauty and brilliance.

In this environment, unfold some recent discoveries of Nina Yashar, such as the colorful, bizzare and essentially artistic pieces by Jonathan Trayte, and a significant and precious selection of pieces by Gabriella Crespi, whose work has been researched for many years by the gallery. For Curio, Nilufar presents an exhibition representing the gallery’s vision on the future of design and its shifting towards functional art: a selection of pieces from FAR - the show co-curated with Studio Vedét with the exhibition design by Space Caviar inaugurated at Nilufar Depot during MDW 2019 - questions the certainties from the past, breaking and surpassing established boundaries, leading interpretations of a possible future to take the stage.