MiArt - 2016

Milan, Italy

Galleria Nilufar to unveil projects by emerging Italian designer Federico Peri at MiArt.
Federico Peri has designed a collection of housing units as a reinterpretation of industrial furniture using fine materials and craftsmanship. Objects not only to be displayed but also to create a real living space. Precious brass, marble, velvet, leather, and glass details enrich the collection with a strong conceptual feature without neglecting functionality. Vintage ‘50s hints are reinterpreted with elegance and balance.

In this way, an industrial trolley turns into a chair, a warehouse shelving unit, into a desk, a step ladder, into a bookcase, and a set of industrial elements make up a portable reading unit. Peri’s pieces will be accompanied by an important selection of Persian rugs of the 1950s, which interact with the P.C2 rug from the Chromosome collection by Caturegli and Formica. The fit-out is completed by vintage pieces and Brazilian design furnishes of the '50s and ‘60s, which anticipate the Brazilian Design exhibition that Nilufar will inaugurate during the Milan Design Week.