miart 2022

ANDREA BRANZI Grandi Legni and Etchings
Fieramilanocity_MiCo viale Scarampo Gate 5, Pailion 3, Booth A60

For the occasion, the gallery exhibits one of the Italian maestro’s unique, large scale, totem-like wooden artworks (Cabinet/sculpture GL02, Grandi Legnicollection) together with a selection of framed artist proofs and never-seen-before etchings.

The installation rediscovers the work of the multi-form Italian maestro, the Radical architect, designer, professor, urban planner, author and founder ofthe avant-garde design studio Archizoom Association. In the Italian maestro’s own words, “Andrea Branzi is a person who deals with theoretical physics and sees architecture not as the art of building but as a much more articulated form of thought.” Since their first encounter in 2009, Nina Yashar and Andrea Branzi have shared a deep connection and friendship. “Branzi’s works, with their mighty and somewhat elementary presence, give a new definition to the rediscovery of timelessness” declares Yashar.

Branzi’s Grandi Legni, the magical artwork series at the crossroad between architectural compositions and everyday instruments co-produced by Nilufar Gallery and Design Gallery Milano, embody the supportive and protective function of their primal material, wood. The installation also includes a selection of Branzi’s artist proofs and etchings, taken from Nina Yashar’s collection.