Nilufar Gallery is delighted to participate in the XIVth Edition of PAD London, the prestigious design fair celebrating craftsmanship and innovation. Aligned with the distinctive showcase proposed by PAD, which presents a curated mix of Contemporary and 20th Century Design with Decorative Arts, Modern Art, Jewellery and Tribal Art, Nilufar Gallery also showcases a unique selection of its rich collection, illustrating its characteristic and singular medley of historical and contemporary collectible design. For this year’s edition, the founder of Nilufar Gallery, Nina Yashar, is bringing to London some of her most important artists and designers who have been key figures in the definition of the past, present and future of the gallery.

Amongst the contemporary artists, Nina Yashar has picked talents using various mediums and distinctive signatures. The showcased designs include the Consolle Continent by the Belgian Xavier Lust, Hhohho by Jonathan Trayte, the Chaise Maurice armchair and footrest by duo David / Nicolas and a refined low table and the Bamboo ceiling light by the Italian Osanna Visconti. As a tribute to the hosting capital of PAD, also on show is a large collection from the bold and disruptive British designer Bethan Laura Wood, including her Bon Bon Double wall lamp, the Olive mirror, the Caterpillar Cabinet, the Aubergin and Gherkin mirrors. To complete the contemporary design showcase, also exhibited is the Prescient Lagoon 3 low table from the french talent Flavie Audi, the Caravaggio Basket of Fruit carpet by Brigitte Niedermair and Martino Gamper, and the debut piece of french designer Robinson Ferreux.

From Nilufar’s mid-century design collection, Nina Yashar is bringing to PAD a curated selection of historical pieces including the 12 ceiling lamps by Vinicio Vianello, as well as rare pieces of mid-Century Brazilian design, including a pair of armchairs mod MF5 by Branco & Presto, a pair of armchairs by Móveis Cimo, the Guanabara table and eight chairs by Jorge Zalszupin, and a cabinet by Martin Eisler & Carlo Hauner.

“Our gallery’s vision is very aligned to Pad’s belief: the enriching presentation of a showcase that continuously blends and develops a dialogue between styles, ages, talents, right at the crossroad between past and present, present and future. I am beyond delighted for Nilufar to be, once again, part of this cultural happening. Given the pioneering nature of PAD and the city of London, we felt it important to bring the best of collectible design, shedding light on some of the most avant-garde visions who, through their remarkable understanding and use of materials, textures, shapes and colours, formulate contemporary taste” declares Nina Yashar.