PAD London - 2019

London, UK

Keeping up the investigation on Gabriella Crespi’s work presented last year, Nilufar gallery takes a step forward for PAD London. Nina Yashar stages two living rooms, in which the feminine character of new important pieces by Crespi lows into a rather gentlemanly entourage, which highlights are certainly the bergère armchairs by Ico Parisi, a rare table by Vladimir Kagan and two precious chest of drawers by Jacques Adnet. Within such vintage picture, Nilufar jots the light over two of the most recent projects presented during the MDW19. On one hand, Michael Anastassiades with the P2 ceiling lamp from the Future Light Cone Collection, while on the other hand, Bethan Laura Wood with the Wisteria wall lights.

Anastassiades took inspiration from the light confined ideally to a two-dimensional plane: "the light from a flash spreads out in a circle after the event occurs. If we graph the growing circle of this flash through a vertical axis of a graph representing time, the resulting shape would be a cone known as the future light cone. The collection started as an exercise to develop a large scale lantern, (...) the aim was to create a design reducing the idea to its most basic shape."
Bethan Wood's inspiration in creating these wall lights comes from the Art Nouveau and the work of the French glassmaker and decorator Émile Gallé: the sconces create atmospheric shadow play with the individually hand-dyed pvc Wisteria petals and gentle curves of aluminium, creating a vibrant colorful ambience.