Brassless - FAR 2020

New accords for the metallic wave
Curated by Studio Vedèt

FAR is a parallel curatorial program living within the spaces of Nilufar for the past three years. In this new proposal, FAR has taken possession of the spaces of the Caveau at Nilufar Depot, with the collective show BRASSLESS. The show is a provocative yet light gesture which strikes an irreverent and playful attitude in response to a trend that has popped up everywhere in product and interior design, in companies and galleries — including Nilufar itself — in recent years.

BRASSLESS comments on the use (or abuse) of this metal, most popularly in the form of surface-layersheets that cover everything (and nothing in particular) in contemporary design, with little regard for the unique properties of brass. The show celebrates the return of material potentiality and meaning as urgent design topics, showing 13 projects (in different metals and 1 non-metal) that investigate physical and visual qualities of matter — exploring forms and avoiding uniformity.

Anna Diljá Sigurðardóttir - Antonio Barone - Carlo Lorenzetti - Destroyers / Builders - Lukas Wegwerth - Objects of Common Interest - Odd Matter - OLDER with Alexander Benjamin Vinther - Simòn Ballen Botero - Studio Minale/Maeda - Thomas Ballouhey - Wendy Andreu/Bram Vanderbeke - Special contributor Martino Gamper

Discover the exhibition video HERE

Photo credits by Mattia Iotti