JUNGLE, a solo exhibition by Khaled El Mays in a site specific installation by Federica Perazzoli

JUNGLE by Khaled El Mays

The jungle set up for the Caveau at Nilufar Gallery is an array of flora and fauna visions, topics of exploration of the studio since 2017.
The series of objects tackles design and the nature on many levels starting from the conceptual nucleus to the production line and the visual display and juxtapositions created.

At the conceptual level the objects are trying to recreate nature, to freeze moments of natural beauty and morph them into usable objects that are visually balanced and tactile. Each piece of furniture tells a little story, playing a small role in the whole representation like, for instance, the elephant, the snake, the flowers, the mountain.

GIARDINO DELL'EDEN - Site specific installation by Federica Perazzoli

Giardino dell’Eden by Federica Perazzoli is a constant search for empathy between man and nature. Federica Perazzoli welcomes us in her Garden of Eden: the artist continues her personal pictorial research, which has always dealt with investigating the forces that connect humanity with nature, projecting the complex universe of her canvases onto the surfaces of home décor pieces.

As the artist herself explains: "Landscapes are often an escape route, an ideal place for the spirit, the body, and for inner dialogue through Nature." A cozy space where visitors can linger to perceive their being in the world and free their minds through meditation until they lose touch with physical reality.

Photo credits by Mattia Iotti