Matacubi by Pietro Consagra

The exhibition, which is curated together with Luca Massimo Barbero, introduces the public for the first time to a unique series of sculptural works of great current relevance by Pietro Consagra (1920-2005). Nine Matacubi – object-sculptures created from 1985 onwards by Consagra, one of the most prestigious exponents of international abstractionism – are on display in the large atrium of Nilufar Depot.

The exhibition, which has been organised in collaboration with the Archivio Pietro Consagra, with a display installation by Ruggero Moncada di Paternò, illustrates a series of works “with rounded, sensual forms that unfold in a way that invites two or three people to sit down, creating a direct and immediate playful interaction with the viewer” said Gabriella Di Milia, director of the Archivio Pietro Consagra.

This exhibition all started with a visit to the Archivio Pietro Consagra – during which Nina Yashar was particularly struck by the Matacubi: “works whose beauty enrapture, but also objects with a function. On the one hand, they convey a sort of reverential apprehension, reflecting the artist’s strict, disciplined approach, while on the other they entice us into a relationship with them, a tactile, physical relationship, in which the forms invite us to interact with them.” 

Photo credits by Mattia Iotti