Odyssey by Andrés Reisinger

Earlier this year, Andrés Reisinger captured the attention of the design world with The Shipping, a collection of born-digital furniture that announced the arrival of a new mode of practice. With this new presentation at Nilufar Gallery, entitled Odyssey – an allusion back to the historical origins of epic narrative – he extends his reach further still, offering a beguiling and complex interplay of virtual and physical experience.

Three furniture works appear in the exhibition, both in the guise of fabricated objects and as the charismatic subjects of accompanying films. These seem to document other worlds, suggestively free of attachment to any partícular time and space. The overall effect is to plunge the visitor into a futuristic realm, staging an encounter with new narrative possibilities for design. Immediately compelling as a visual, immersive experience, Reisinger's work also operates at other levels, sensitively exploring the emotional terrain and theoretical implications of digital-led design.

This exhibition at Nilufar – Reisinger's most ambitious to date - further establishes him as an essential new voice in contemporary design dialogue, who is leading the way to the future.

Glenn Adamson

The pieces of the Odyssey collection are configured as a union between physical and digital, in fact the physical work cannot exist without its digital image.