Some Vibrant Things by Audrey Large

Commissioned by Nilufar Gallery
Curated by Studio Vedèt

If the work of the artist and designer Audrey Large has always questioned the dichotomy between the digital and real, some of her sculpture-objects will gather in the Nilufar Gallery exhibition space—in via Spiga, Milan—next September to raise questions about the dynamics that govern the universe of things and images.

Animated by Jane Bennett’s intriguing research and her investigations into “vibrating matter,” Large arranges her objects in space in search of an unusual dialogue with the viewer. If the American researcher emphasizes how in our daily life we are used to ignoring “the call of things,” forgetting the power they exert over us, Large’s magnetic and iridescent 3D-printed objects are instead able to translate the action inherent in all objects that we usually consider immobile,inert. And their layered skin is full of images and reliefs, juxtapositions and sparks, and escapes any precise definition.

Photo credits by Mattia Iotti