TERRA (IN)FIRMA - Flavie Audi

Nilufar Gallery presents TERRA (IN)FIRMA, the first Italian solo exhibition of French Lebanese artist Flavie Audi. This exhibition unveils five new series of tables alongside sculptural artworks. The show weaves through a geological narrative shaping a utopian world, where real and virtual meet and seek to destabilize our encounter with the terrestrial, while imagining a post-human topography.

In navigating this uncanny plain, we encounter fragments of hyper-liths dispersed through space, rupturing our sense of stability; rocks become fluid, tilting on their axis and conglomerating. Forms caress and nudge each other in tender relations. Digital aesthetics warps our sense of material nature, hybridizing the organic and synthetic. Ultimately, TERRA(IN)FIRMA confronts us with the Promethean dilemma: should the Earth be treated as a resource whose utility is determined primarily by human needs? Can human technology overcome our environmental problems?

Discover the exhibition video HERE

Photo credits by Mattia Iotti