MiArt - 2017

Milan, Italy

Galleria Nilufar takes part in MiArt, with an exclusive installation designed by Baciocchi Associati.
For Galleria Nilufar, Baciocchi Associati creates a dining room where different styles, aesthetics and historical periods establish a dialogue, in a dynamic of original synergies and eclectic combinations. Every piece selected is removed from its native cultural context and takes on a life of its own, in a new, versatile convivial setting. The large Off-Cut Lino component table by Martino Gamper, a one-off, features a setting designed by Baciocchi Associati using the finest materials. Around the table, for the guests of an imaginary banquet, twelve chairs by the great master Gio Ponti join a pair of seats by Ilmari Tapiovaara.

Sophisticated vintage complements by designers like Lina Bo Bardi, José Zanine Caldas and Joaquim Tenreiro are arranged in the space, together with new furnishings designed by the studio, where the idea of convivial entertaining is revitalized by combinations of materials. Combinations of different materials and textures can also be seen in the three wall compositions designed by Roberto Baciocchi in collaboration with the French artist Philippe Tourriol, where the latter’s monochrome paintings are inserted in a composition of bands of antique canvas, loom-woven fabric, plastic and velvet. On the opposite wall a collection of Meissen porcelain plates from the 18th century and two paintings of musical instruments suggest the imaginary symposium staged in the installation. A contemporary carpet designed by Caturegli Formica becomes the stage of the tableau, lit by the new jewel-lamps of the Temple series by Bethan Laura Wood and suspension lamps by Max Ingrand.

Photo credits by Matteo Bartoli