miart 2021

Fieramilanocity_MiCo viale Scarampo Gate 4, Pavilion4, Booth B34
Milan, Italy

Nilufar participates in miart 2021 with an installation curated by Nina Yashar and recalling a theme that is very dear to the gallery: the design conversation between Martino Gamper and Gio Ponti, enriched with exquisitely contemporary notes and furniture pieces to speak of the relationship between art and design through a visual interplay of colors that moves from the past to the present, while looking to the future.

“I have great freedom in the act of designing, I accurately analyze and search for the two extremes, which can refer to different historical periods, spontaneously moving between the past, the present and the future, to lend a sense of atemporality to the Nilufar set-ups, poised between art and design.”Nina Yashar said about the display organized at the Fair.

A combination of two extremely influential figures, Martino Gamper and Gio Ponti, that shines the spotlight on a console table designed by Gamper for his performance at the 2008 exhibition “Gio Ponti translated by Martino Gamper” reinterpretingthe furniture pieces created by Ponti for the Hotel Parco dei Principi in Sorrentoand the ironic pony skinand Mongolian shearling wool Wikatoriastools, combined with exclusive upholstered pieces by Gio Ponti, such as the iconic mod. 803 sofa and armchairs, and with tables such as the one featured in the Hotel della Città et de la Ville in Forlì and designed for the Garzanti Foundation. “An act to rethink, repossess and recreate adestiny for iconic objects in order to share them with the general public once again, to breathe new life into them and to give them a new intended use”, said Martino Gamper during his performance in 2008.