Nilufar 25 - December 2019

In December 2019, the space in Nilufar25 hold a curated set-up by Nina Yashar. Flanking the main Gallery, the 25 square meters welcomed a careful selection of Atelier Lavit’s furniture pieces produced for the Gallery over the previous four years.

“Venezia” lounge chair and ottoman, “Atem” modular sofa and “Reconvexo” low table conversed with iconic pieces which included Ico Parisi’s console, Hans Agne Jakobsson’s ceiling lamps and Roberto Gabetti’ and Aimaro Isola’s “Tapileto” carpet, while Atelier Lavit’s “Trio Wood” ceiling lamp and “Danseuse” floor lamps rested in the background, creating charming light effects.

Photo credits by Mattia Iotti