Nilufar Depot - DESIGN WEEK 2016

After the inauguration of the 2015, Nilufar Depot renews itself with an unprecedented project that perfectly expresses its vision of vintage and contemporary design, in the pursuit of new forms of expression and exhibition. The Depot’s great central nave houses a spectacular collection of vintage rugs and historical tapestries that float in the air. A dialogue between the earth and the sky of great impact.

The rugs that Yashar has collected over time dialogue with three precious 16th-century wool and silk tapestries, which stand out for their elaborate nature-themed décors, where elegant exotic birds and animals wander through lush vegetation on a cold coloured background.

The boxes that dot the central nave alternate with this year’s over 20 contemporary pieces, vintage furnishings, haute époque objects, Sicilian mirrors and tapestries in a harmonious and dynamic sequence. This rhythm is interrupted by the cubic architecture designed by Roberto Baciocchi - Baciocchi Associati, which contains a precious and elegant dining room. The colour is the common thread that characterizes all the elements of the room, which is accessed through a brass-finished portal. Mirror Room is a dining room interpreted as a precious treasure chest.

Photo credits by Mattia Iotti