Nilufar Gallery - DESIGN WEEK 2016

Nilufar - Brazilian Design

The Nilufar Gallery is presenting an exhibition dedicated to Brazilian design, with a selection of over 40 pieces of the period between 1940 and 1970 by Sergio Rodrigues, Joaquim Tenreiro, Zanine Caldas, Jorge Zalszupin, Martin Eisler, and Oscar Niemeyer. This exhibition has been strongly supported by Nina Yashar and explores the spirit of Brazilian design, which, as Yashar explains, “is characterized by in-depth and original research that bears witness to the strong bond with the country’s lifestyle, shapes, and materials.”

The exhibition takes up the first and second floor of the gallery, with spectacular curtains and historical photographs, which enhance the numerous pieces on display, putting them into context. In the spaces in Via Senato, the rigorous wood of the furnishings contrasts the incredible brightness of the metal threads of the Hechizoo carpet by Jorge Lizarazo. The great value of this exhibition is emphasized by the words of Manolo De Giorgi, an expert in Brazilian design, who wrote the texts of the catalogue: “These discontinuous experiences in Brazilian design have now gained international recognition for their ability to maintain the relationship with the modernization of handcrafted furniture, ensuring uniqueness and spontaneous research, which are so precious in the current scenario.”

Photo credits by Mattia Iotti