Nodi/ Tappeti Volanti

2010, Nilufar

This catalogue was produced on the occasion of the Nodi-Hubs exhibition at Nilufar Gallery in Milan in 2010. Edited by Nilufar, it features an introduction by Andrea Branzi, text by Eugenio Alberti, photography by Amendolagine Barracchia, and graphic design by Christoph Radl.

Branzi writes: “Carpets are very common items. But it has never really been clear if their decorations, so confidently woven and intertwined, have a religious, symbolic or simply practical origin… The mysterious intertwinings of carpets seem, in fact, to record forms of mystical thought that spring spontaneously from the infinite, ritualized but always varied repetition of their weave. A sort of cognitive, reiterative, exploratory structure that is born in the dark mazes of a collective mind, that reflects on the expansion of the cosmos…”

This book is a softcover with 150 pages; copyright © Beppe Caturegli e Giovannella Formica.

109 + 43 pp.
Price: 40.00 €