Spiga Gallery features Khaled El Mays

On the occasion of Nilufar’s Milan Design Week, Khaled El Mays presents a new series, an iteration of the Flora Seating Series in a psychedelic approach, a seemingly dreamy state that transports the viewers into the designer’s world.

The dreamy effect of the set-up is enhanced by the wall installation that invites visitors to sit and dream about an otherworldly experience. The Medusa lamp inserted in the space of the installation will also bring an element of the imaginative realm, that is being witnessed while sitting on the Flora Modular Sofas, to the physical world - the same one we are experiencing right now.

“The installation at Nilufar Gallery is an invitation into the studio's world: a world of wonders morphing natural elements into a fantastic and enchanted state of being. The flora modular bench and its especially customised fabric, reminiscent of psychedelic illustrations, gives the viewers all the physical ingredients needed to step into the perspectives on the wall, that on its side distorts reality while creating a new one. From the same bench, you can experience the physical dimension and an entirely different one” states El Mays.